Living Close to the Land Program Outline

Early cultures with their close ties to the land, readily display the link between human society and nature.  Today we are just as dependent on the land, though it is not quite as apparent.  Pioneer lifestyles and traditional Native American ways of life will be compared and contrasted to our modern lifestyles.

Welcome and Introduction 

 Behavioral Guidelines for visit:

  • We are in the animals’ neighborhood
  • Stay on trails with your group unless taken off trails with class activity
  • Leave flowers and plants for animals (don’t pick anything)
  • Pick up trail treasures to enjoy on-site, but no collecting—leave everything  



  • Edible/Medicinal/Useful Plant Walk: Students will learn native and pioneer uses of plants common to the Nature Center as they take a walk through the fields and forests. 
  • Tepee Talk: Students will consider how early Americans met their food, recreation, shelter, medicinal, and aesthetic needs with natural materials.  Modern ways of meeting these same needs will be discussed and traced back to their natural origins. 
  • Journey Cakes Around the Fire: Students will explore the many jobs and tasks  required to cook a simple meal in an indigenous kitchen.

Topics are covered by varying degrees depending upon the maturity of students and time constraints.