Birds Book List

* Available at the Weber County Library. 

Arnosky, Jim
Crinkleroot's 25 Birds Every Child Should Know
J598 A7635c 

Arnosky, Jim
All About Owls
J598.97 A7635a 

Arnosky, Jim
Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing Birds
J598 A7635c 

Armstrong, Jennifer
Audubon:  Painter of Birds in the Wild Frontier
J598.092 A7363a 

Choiniere, Joseph
What's That Bird?  Getting to Know the Birds around You, Coast-to-Coast
J598 C5458w 2005 

Demuth, Patricia
Cradles in the Trees:  The Story of Bird Nests
J598.2564 D3987c 

Eastman, P.D.
Are You My Mother?
JER Eastman 

Hickman, Pamela
Starting with Nature Bird Book
J598.0973 H6286b 

Hume, Rob
J598.07234 H9225b 

Kalman, Bobbie
J598.9 K145r 

Jonas, Ann
Bird Talk
JP Jonas 

Lerner, Carol
On the Wing:  American Birds in Migration
J598.1568 L6165o 

Lynch, Wayne
J598.96 L9873f 2005 

Markle, Sandra
Outside and Inside Birds
J598 M3467o 

Pallotta, Jerry
The Bird Alphabet Book
JP Pallotta 

Parry-Jones, Jemima
Amazing Birds of Prey
J598.9 P2658a 

Ricciuti, Edward R.
YP/J598 R4936b 

Sill, Cathryn P.
About Birds
J598 S5844a 

Waddell, Martin
Owl Babies
JP Waddell 

Weidensaul, Scott
National Audubon Society First Field Guide Birds
J598.097 W4173n