Animal Autographs Book List

*Available at the Weber County Library. 

Arnosky, Jim
Crinkleroot's Book of Animal Tracking
J599 A7635cb 

Bowen, Betsy
Tracks in the Wild
J591.479 B7862t

Dendy, Leslie A.
Tracks, Scats, and Signs
J596 D3915t 2000

Kato, Yoshiko
Animal Footprints
J591 K195a

Kudlinski, Kathleen V.
Animal Tracks and Traces
J591 K952a

Miller, Edna
Mousekin's Frosty Friend: Story and Pictures
JP Miller

Selsam, Millicent Ellis
How to be a Nature Detective
J599.05 S4686h 1995

Staub, Frank J.
The Signs Animals Leave
J590 S7984s 2001

Webster, David
Track Watching
J591.479 W3784t