Public Relations & Community Outreach Team

Public relations volunteers represent the Ogden Nature Center in the community and help support our mission by teaching people about the nature center and spark their interest in what we do. Your efforts will help people appreciate nature and encourage environmental stewardship.

Key Responsibilities

  • Attend public events (Farmers’ Market, festivals, expos, etc…) with a booth advertising the Ogden Nature Center
  • Pick up all needed materials at the Ogden Nature Center and drop them back off before and after each event you do
  • Arrive on time to events and stay for the duration of the event or your shift
  • Initiate conversation and spread the word about the Ogden Nature Center
  • Attend trainings and stay up-to-date with events and opportunities at the nature center

Direct Supervisor

Volunteer Coordinator; or 801-621-7595

Length of Appointment

Public relations volunteers will be responsible for a calendar year term. After a year, you have the option of continuing into the next year.

Time Commitment

The time required depends on what events are happening in the week or month, but it may be upwards of 4-5 hours per month.


  • Must have access to a vehicle in order to carry posters, tables, and other necessary items to events
  • Must be willing to interact with people and get the word out about the exciting things happening at the Ogden Nature Center
  • Must attend trainings about the Ogden Nature Center prior to starting service
  • Must be punctual and willing to stay for the duration of the event or your shift
  • Must be dependable, respectful, and have a positive attitude


Volunteers will undergo an orientation and receive a volunteer handbook. In addition, mailing committee volunteers will receive job-specific training with their direct supervisor.


  • Invitation to volunteer recognition eventsInvitation to activities just for volunteers
  • Rewards for number of hours of service completed (see volunteer handbook)
  • Gain new skills and work with a great team of staff and volunteers
  • Make a difference and have a positive impact on the community!