Habitat Restoration Task Force

Are you interested in restoring habitats at the Ogden Nature Center? Join the habitat restoration task force to get involved in restoration activities including invasive species removal, native seed collection, seeding with native species, and planting and watering trees. Task Force members will be making a huge difference in allowing us to preserve pristine habitats for the public to learn from.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with a habitat restoration intern to learn how to restore habitats at the Ogden Nature Center
  • Participate in Stewardship Days throughout the year where task force members will have the opportunity to get together and tackle stewardship projects
  • Help lead habitat restoration volunteer groups during large habitat restoration events
  • Assist in controlling invasive plant species and encouraging native plant establishment
  • Safely use tools and return them after completion
  • Represent the Ogden Nature Center and help educate visitors about the importance of habitat restoration

Direct Supervisor

Volunteer Coordinator; or 801-621-7595

Length of Appointment


Time Commitment

Shifts and hours are flexible. Planned habitat restoration task force days will be offered several times per month and you will be given advanced notice of when these activities and gatherings are. You can expect to put in anywhere from 2-20 hours per week as a member of the task force, depending on your schedule.


  • Must have a desire and willingness to learn about habitat restoration
  • Must be able to safely and effectively use tools and equipment
  • Must be respectful of staff, visitors and other volunteers
  • Must be willing to have fun with a great team of volunteers!


Volunteers will undergo an orientation and receive a volunteer handbook. In addition, mailing committee volunteers will receive job-specific training with their direct supervisor.


  • Invitation to volunteer recognition eventsInvitation to activities just for volunteers
  • Rewards for number of hours of service completed (see volunteer handbook)
  • Gain new skills and work with a great team of staff and volunteers
  • Make a difference and have a positive impact on the community!