Bird Banding Volunteers

*Please email to see if any days are currently open for Birds Banding! Banders are not guaranteed a position until they get through a training period.


Bird Banding is one of the oldest wildlife monitoring techniques still in practice today because it provides long-term population and movement data for birds migrating across North America. For the process, large mist-nets are set-up in distinct areas. As birds fly through the area, they get caught in an ultra-fine net. This does not hurt the bird, but it certainly doesn't make them happy. After the birds are caught, they are quickly extracted from the net, fit with a unique, identifying aluminum band, measured for a variety of characteristics, and set free to continue with their birdy lives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Transporting equipment to and from netting sites
  • Set-up and take-down of mist nets
  • Data recording and management, and bird banding.
  • Potentially some educational outreach for the public!

Direct Supervisor

Maya Pendleton, Ecologist; () or 801-621-7595

Length of Appointment

Due to the level of training required, you must be able to commit to a period of at least six months.

Time Commitment

Once or twice per week, 4-5 hours each time. Set-up and take-down times vary as the season changes with an earlier start time in the summer, ~6:30, to beat the heat. These start times will happen later as the seasons and sunrise change.


  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must be dependable—you are working with live animals and it is important to make sure they are cared for. This requires a large amount of responsibility and dedication. 
  • Must be respectful to animals, staff, visitors, and other volunteers. 
  • Willing to get dirty and have fun!
  • Previous experience working with birds is preferred!


Bird Banders will receive job-specific training with their direct supervisor.


Get to work with our winged friends

  • Invitation to volunteer recognition events 
  • Invitation to activities just for volunteers
  • Rewards for number of hours of service completed (see volunteer handbook)
  • Gain new skills and work with a great team of staff and volunteers
  • Make a difference and have a positive impact on the community!