It's Time To Build Birdhouses!

Entries are due March 16-21, 2020.

The Ogden Nature Center presents its 27th Annual Birdhouse Competition and Exhibit.

The competition encourages creative, functional, environmentally friendly & durable backyard habitats for birds.  The Nature Center's Birdhouse Trail is lined with whimsical, classy, and creative birdhouses. All ages may enter up to two birdhouses, and there is no entry fee. Cash prizes will be awarded and several of the birdhouses will be chosen to be displayed along birdhouse trail through the summer months. Please read more for contest details, birdhouse specs and an official entry form.


How to Enter

Bring your birdhouses with a completed entry form to the Ogden Nature Center between March 16 and March 21, 2020. Open 9-5 Monday-Friday and 9-4 Saturday. Entries will not be accepted after 4 pm, March 21. A maximum of two entries per participant may be entered. No entry fee required.

Sponsored by

Weber County R.A.M.P., Zions Bank, Ogden City Arts, Jack and Jodi Livingood, Pat & Glen Richter, Robin & Brad Farr Family, Bloom Recyclers, Wasatch Audubon Society, Booth Dental Clinic, Jeremiah's Restaurant, Ogden Blue, Wild About Birds, Shepherd's Bush, The Prairie Schooner and the Standard Examiner.


Entry Form

You must submit the following information with your entry. 


Choose One:

_____Adult         _____Child (un-assisted)          _____Team/Family work

Name_______________________________________ Age __________________________

Name of Parent (if child is entering) _____________________________________________




Phone(day) _____________ (evening) ___________

1) Title of Work______________________________________________________________                    

Medium/Materials Used________________________________________________________


For sale?  Yes               No

2) Title of Work_____________________________________________________________                    

Medium/Materials Used_______________________________________________________


For sale?  Yes              ? No 

How did you hear about this competition?  ________________________________________

Are there any details about your birdhouse you would like the judges to know about?



Competition Goals 

The goals of this birdhouse competition and exhibit are to:

  • Encourage construction of functional and aesthetically pleasing birdhouses

  • Encourage the use of environmentally sensitive materials

  • Demonstrate ways to attract wildlife by creating unique backyard habitats

  • Inspire creativity in backyard habitats

  • Encourage artistic and hand-crafted approaches to birdhouse design

Entrants may visit the Ogden Nature Center to look at the installation site and to research birdhouse styles. Ogden Nature Center has several resources on creative birdhouses and construction requirements to attract a variety of birds.

Also, here is a very helpful guide for birdhouse sizes -- which includes suggestions for appropriate floor size, entry hole size, depth and hanging/mounting height for specific birds commonly found in our area.  These are very specific specifications, but ultimately they will result in birds nesting in your houses!


• An interdisciplinary jury will select several entries in all categories: adult, children and family/team.  Top winners will receive cash awards.

• Special awards will be given for entries which are well designed as homes for birds and incorporate recyclable and recycled materials and nontoxic finishes.

• Exhibitors whose works are chosen for the exhibit may designate whether their works are for sale.  All works must remain on display for the duration of the exhibit through June 27, 2020. Entries left at the Nature Center after that date will be considered a donation. Ogden Nature Center will not charge commission on pieces sold. 

• In an effort to keep quality birdhouses parmanently displayed at the Nature Center, the top birdhouse builder will be awarded a "commission award" of $200 cash, and in addition, the Nature Center will offer to purchase the birdhouse or have the builder create another, with a commission of $200.

Exhibit Guidelines

Exhibitors may submit up to two individual pieces.  All birdhouses must be original works created by the exhibitor. Commercially produced birdhouses or assembled kits will not be accepted.  Ogden Nature Center reserves the right to refuse submissions. There is no fee for entering. The event judges will select which birdhouses are accepted into the 2019 exhibit.  A limited number of entries will be accepted for the exhibit due to space restrictions.         

Size limitations: The base of the birdhouse may not exceed 24" square.  The height of the birdhouse may not exceed 36" tall, not including the post.

No propane tanks this year.

Consider DURABILITY when designing your creation.

The Ogden Nature Center encourages the use of recycled, reclaimed or sustainable building materials.  Please consider the environment when choosing your materials.

All birdhouses must be freestanding and ready for installation outdoors. You must perch your birdhouse on the end of a post or attach a sturdy hanger.   We will install birdhouses on posts at a depth of 1-2 feet.


Ogden Nature Center is a secure facility with chain link fencing surrounding the property.  However, exhibitors are reminded that birdhouses will be installed outdoors in a nature preserve.  Works will be subject to wind, rain, sun and severe weather, not to mention an occasional "avian guano bombing" by one of our resident "fly-bys" such as songbirds, hawks, or Canada Geese.  Also, most birdhouses are displayed within reach of visitors and the trail is not monitored.  By entering the exhibition, the exhibitor accepts responsibility for displaying his or her birdhouse under these conditions. Works are not insured, and the Ogden Nature Center accepts no responsibility for loss,  theft or damage.

Important Dates

Entries received:

March 16-21, 2020.  Please bring your birdhouse to the Visitor Center front desk

966 W. 12th St., Ogden, Utah

Monday -Friday,  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday,  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Reception and Awards Presentation:

April 8, 5:30 p.m. at the Ogden Nature Center Visitor Center

Exhibition on display:

April 8 through June 27, 2020