Week-Long Camps with sleepover (ages 7-14)

Week-Long Camps with an overnight sleepover at picnic grove (ages 7 to 14)

$165 per camper (includes camp t-shirt)

Monday -Wednesday 8:30am to 3:30pm. 

The camping portion of the trip begins Thursday night at 6pm and endsFriday morning at 9am.

There are no camp activites during the day on Thursday or Friday of the campout. Campers are not required to participate in the sleepover at picnic grove but are encouraged to participate in the Thursday night campfire program from 6pm to 9:30pm.

No discounts can be offered to participants that choose not to attend the campout portion of the program. 

Aftercare is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of camp from 3:30 to 5:00pm. The cost is $8 per day or $20 for all 3 days. We are unable to offer care on Thursday or Friday of the campout. 


FULL -Creepy Crawly Critters - June 10th -14th

Ages 7-9

Would you like an up-close and personal encounter with the creepy crawly critters that are moving around the Nature Center? Join us for a week-long adventure discovering and investigating the flying, crawling and slithering creatures that call the Ogden Nature Center home. Become a nature spy as we dig through pond muck and search fields high and low for snakes, lizards, insects, spiders and more. Play games and enjoy activities that help us understand and appreciate the creepy crawly critters all around us. 

X-treme Eco Adventure - June 17th-21st

Ages 11-14

Think you know what it takes to survive in the wild? Challenge yourself in the ultimate nature adventure. Learn how to read nature and prepare yourself for survival using basic first aid, map reading, GPS, fire starting, leadership, tracking and shelter building skills. Conquer these skills, and put our knowledge to the test in an all-out, end of camp treasure hunt. Who will win in this wild adventure? 

Habitat Explorers - July 29th - August 2nd

Ages 9-11

Even in the heart of Ogden, a frontier of habitat beckons to be explored. Bring your curious and adventurous spirit to the Ogden Nature Center where you can be part of a team that conducts investigations and explorers the wild side of Nature. Nature only knows what you'll find!

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