Multi-Age Camps (ages 6-13)

Multi-Age Camps (ages 6-7, 8-10, 11-13)

Same themes, different activities, for differnet age groups! This camp is designed for families who want all the siblings to attend at the same time, while gettting the age appropriate curriclum that the Nature Center is known for. Come for one day or stay and play for the whole week. There are only 10 spots available in each age group so these camp will fill up fast. 

$35 per camper/per day 

$6 t-shirt (optional)

The Famous Side of Nature - June 8th-12th, 9am to 2pm

Take some time away from the screens and explore the famous side of nature! Each day we will focus on a famous, fantastical or mythical realm and learn the more realistic side of the fantasy. 

Monday, June 8th - Nature Magic for Muggles

Tuesday, June 9th - Super Hero Science

Wednesday, June 10th - Myths and Legends 

Thursday, June 11th - Survival Series

Friday, June 12th - Level Up in Nature


Circles, Cycles, Webs - July 6th-10th, 9am to 2pm

Discover the hierarchy of ecosystems and how every organism has a major role to play in food webs. We'll play games to illustrate predator and prey relationships, learn about adaptations that ensure life's survival, and explore life cyles from start to finish. 

Monday, July 6th - Producers

Tuesday, July 7th - Primary and Secondary Consumers

Wednesday, July 8th - Apex Predators 

Thursday, July 9th - Food Webs

Friday, July 10th - Life Cycles


* Please note that this camp requires a $10 per day deposit at reservation. Requests for withdrawal two or more weeks prior to the scheduled program date will be honored except for the initial deposit, which will be withheld for administrative fees. Withdrawals requested within two weeks of the scheduled program will only be honored if the slot can be filled from a waiting list. Deposit for all camps are non-refundable.

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