Half-Day Camps (ages 6-7)

Half-Day Camps (ages 6 to 7)

$30 per camper / $6 t-shirt (optional)

Monsters & Myths - August 5th, 9am to 1pm

From fear of the dar, to a porcupine's quills, to freaky fictional creatures, campers will explore the truth behind nature's scary side and learn some of the myths and stories behind our fears. 

Grossology - August 6th, 9am to 1pm - Sold Out

Do your children always come home covered in mud and grass stains? Then this is the camp for them! Join us for a fun-filled day of games, crafts and exploration, as we discover the "gross" side of nature. Dress for the mess.

Animal Extremes - August 7th, 9am to 1pm

The strongest animal in the world isn't a lion, a tiger or a bear; it's a beetle -- oh my! The dung beetle can lift over 1,100 times its own weight, the same as a human lifting 6 double-decker buses! In this camp we explore extreme animal adaptations which help them survive in the harshest environments. Through games, exploration and animal encounters we will see examples of real-life superpowers. 

Crafting with Nature - August 8th, 9am to 1pm - Sold Out 

Creative campers will enjoy this full day of crafting with nature. From creating riverstone and pinecone critters to making sand paintings and nature prints, children will use what nature provides to make fun projects to take home. 

Dino Detectives - August 9th, 9am to 1pm 

What did T-Rex really look like? Did dinosaurs have feathers? How is our world different from when dinosaurs roamed the earth? All these questions and more will be answered as campers spend the day learning about the plants and animals of prehistoric times and even get to meet some dinosaur relatives!

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