Day Camps (ages 8-16)

Day Camps (ages 8-16)

$45 per camper / $6 t-shirt (optional)

8:30am to 3:30pm

Aftercare Available from 3:30 to 5:00pm   - $8 per camper

Eco Art - The Art of Water -July 21st

Ages 9-12

Creativity will flow as we explore watery habitats and water art media. From jellyfish, to aquatic dioramas, to watercolor paintings, and more we'll look at what lives in or around water as we make cool works of art to take home. 

Caring for Creatures - July 22nd

Ages 11-13

Snakes, salamanders and spiders! All our critters need care. Help us feed, clean and care for our smaller critters as we investigate the needs of animals in captivity. Feed a tarantula, take a desert tortoise for a walk and clean a milk snake's cage in this day devoted to caring for creatures. 

Awesome Amphibians and Rad Reptiles - July 23rd 

Ages 8-10

Reptile lovers, this one's for you! This day camp will focus on herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians. We'll learn some of the science behind herpetology, play games, and meet several of these "herps" in person.

Strange Nature - August 4th

Ages 9-12

Put on your hats of curiosity and come ready to learn about some of nature's strangest plants, animals and phenomena. How do frogs survive winter? Can snails chew their food? Why are some plants stinky? All this and more will be answered as we explore the strange and fascinating world around us. 


Our Weird Water World - August 6th

Ages 8-10

The weirdest animals live in water! They are all around us here in Utah, from the ancient aliens swimming in the Great Salt Lake, to the other worldly creatures that inhabit the murky depths of our local ponds; we will be exploring the weirdest animals that nature has to offer!


* Please note that these camp requires a $10 deposit at reservation. Requests for withdrawal two or more weeks prior to the scheduled program date will be honored except for the initial deposit, which will be withheld for administrative fees. Withdrawals requested within two weeks of the scheduled program will only be honored if the slot can be filled from a waiting list. Deposit for all camps are non-refundable.


Resgistration Opens March 1st!