Eagle Scouts Projects

We are thrilled to have young men complete their Eagle Scout projects at the Ogden Nature Center. We always have a list of special projects to choose from. If you are interested in completing a service project at ONC, please review our Eagle Scout guidelines.

Eagle Courts of Honor

The Ogden Nature Center offers 15-20 minute Bald Eagle presentations with a focus on how the eagle became our national symbol, how Des Ta Te came to the Nature Center and obtained her Apache name and her story of recovery. The presentor will also correlate eagle habits and survival techniques to the task of earning the high ranking Eagle Scout honor.

Additional 10 minutes of scout and parent photos are included in the base price.

Base price:

  • 1-4 Scouts $160
  • 5-7 Scouts $200
  • 8+ Scouts $250

Additional $50 for any program booked on a weekend. Additional $30 for every half hour past 8:00 pm (we suggest placing the eagle presentation after the flag ceremony and opening prayer). Mileage charge of .50/mile outside a 10 mile radius from the Nature Center. All programs over 60 miles will be charged an additional $100.00.  To schedule an eagle presentation, please contact our Wildlife Specialist or outreach Educator at 801-621-7595. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation.

Interested in working with us?

Eagle Scout Project Application


The Ogden Nature Center (ONC) encourages Eagle Scouts to undertake projects that incorporate initiative, leadership, planning and a finished product that they can be proud of for years to come. These kinds of projects require a large commitment of time, planning and effort on the part of the scout and should not be taken lightly. Examples of excellent projects include the bird cages in the Nature Center Discovery Room and the bridge in front of the visitor center. Please use these examples as illustrations of the kind of projects we would like you to do.

The Ogden Nature Center has limited resources, so you will be required to provide or procure the materials necessary to complete the project in full.
The following requirements are in addition to those of the Boy Scouts of America.


The prospective Eagle Scout must be at least 14 years of age at the start of his Eagle Scout project. The Eagle Scout must exhibit initiative, leadership, organization and be committed to seeing the project through to completion.


The Eagle Scout candidate must personally be the one who communicates with ONC, not one of his parents or advisors. Making contact with ONC representatives to plan a project is a major component of initiative, leadership and organization. The Eagle Scout candidate must contact us at least two months prior to his anticipated project date. In order to adequately prepare for and implement the project, the scout must begin well in advance of the project date. Our calendar fills up quickly, so the scout should have a couple of potential project dates. Any and all dates that you are planning on visiting the project site or meeting with the ONC representative must be approved and scheduled with the representative in advance. We will not accommodate scouts that show up without prior notice.


  1. Initial Contact: After reading this information, you are responsible for contacting Alyssa Stegmaier, Volunteer Coordinator, at to get a list of available projects and schedule an interview. We have very high interest from Eagle Scout candidates, making this process very competitive. Please call us as soon as possible to schedule your interview and see our available projects.
  2. Interview: During the interview, you will discuss the potential project you are interested in and obtain more detailed information. Come prepared to discuss why you are interested in the project and what makes you the most qualified candidate for the project. Be sure you are ready to represent your leadership skill and demonstrate that you understand our expectations. Based upon the initial interview, you may not be selected for the project. If you are not selected for a project, continue building your skills and feel free to contact us at a later date to see if we have new projects available. If you are selected for a project, we will contact you and assign that project to you.
  3. Site Visit: After being selected for a project, your next step is to visit the project site. This is the time to ask questions and take notes, measurements and pictures. This visit is meant to help you gather information you will need to write a project proposal.
  4. Project Proposal: After the site visit, the prospective Eagle Scout is required to complete ONC’s project proposal form and the ‘Agreement between Prospective Eagle Scout and the Ogden Nature Center’ form. It is essential to give as much detail as possible in the proposal. The scout has two weeks after the initial site visit to submit the project proposal. After two weeks, your project of interest will no longer be on hold. Completed proposals will be submitted to the Board of Directors who will approve or deny the project no later than two weeks from the date it was submitted.
  5. Final Meeting: Once the site has been evaluated and the proposal has been approved, the scout is responsible for coordinating with the ONC representative to schedule the final meeting. During the final meeting, he following items will be discussed:
    a. Project date and time
    b. Pre-project approval signature: At this time the ONC representative will sign off you pre-project approval in your Eagle Scout Project Workbook.
  6. Project Confirmation: The scout is responsible for reconfirming the project with the ONC representative one week prior to the scheduled project date and provide the final estimate of the number of people who will assist with the project.


Your Role: The Eagle Scout candidate, not a parent or ONC representative, must be the leader at the project site (under minimal supervision of the Scout leader) and must be present at all times for the duration of their project. You are responsible for the work done during the project and giving instructions to your group to make sure everyone is working safely and efficiently. You are responsible for keeping track of all borrowed tools and ensuring that they are returned clean and in good condition. The scout is responsible for ensuring that all of the required paperwork is completed. After the project is completed, the ONC representative will determine if the project was successful. If the project was successful, the scout will have his project signed off. Before signing off, the scout must complete the Eagle Scout packet and provide ONC with a list of volunteers that assisted with the project and the amount of time that each volunteer worked. Additionally, the scout will need to provide ONC a list and the value of donated materials.