Megascops kennicottii

Birch arrived from Wildlife Rehab of Northern Utah on January 25, 2024. He was taken to Wildlife Rehab of Northern Utah in September of 2021 after being attacked by a cat. He has a permanent wing injury from the attack so he cannot return to the wild.  

  • Average Weight: 5-8 ounces   
  • Wingspan: 19-24 inches 
  • Lifespan in the Wild: 8-10 years 
  • Lifespan in Captivity: 15-20 years 

Fascinating Facts: 

Screech Owls are native to North and Central America. The Western Screech Owl has a Gray feather color pattern. Eastern Screech Owls have the gray feather pattern and a bright orange color pattern. Screech Owlets become independent of their parents at 6 weeks of age.



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