Trees Book List

*Available at the Weber County Library.

Younger Readers

Aldridge, Josephine
A Possible Tree
JP Aldridge 

Bunting, Eve
Someday a Tree
JP Bunting 

Edwards, Richard
Ten Tall Oaktrees
JP Edwards 

Ehlert, Lois
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
JP Ehlert 

Gackenbach, Dick
Mighty Tree
JP Gackenbach

Killion, Bette
The Apartment House Tree
JP Killion 

Lyon, George Ella
A B Cedar: An Alphabet of Trees
JP Lyon 

Pfeffer, Wendy
A Log's Life
JP Pfeffer 

Ryder, Joanne
Hello, Tree!
JP Ryder 

Sanders, Scott R
Meeting Trees
JP Sanders 

Older Readers

Arnosky, Jim
Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing the Trees
J582.16 A7635c 

Dorros, Arthur
A Tree is Growing
J582.16 D7166t 

Ganeri, Anita
J582.16 G1965t 

Kalman, Bobbie
How Trees Help Me
J582.16 K145h 

Kallen, Stuart A
If the Trees Could Talk...
J582.16 K146i 

Lavies, Bianca
Tree Trunk Traffic
J591.52642 L4114t 

Markle, Sandra
Outside and Inside Trees
J582.16 M3467o 

Morel, Gaud
Nature's Timekeeper: The Tree
J582.16 M8393n 

Rose, Deborah Lee
The People Who Hugged the Trees: An Environmental Folk Tale
J398.20954 R7953p 

Lauber, Patricia
Be A Friend to Trees
Cassette J582.16 L366be 1996 

In Celebration of Trees
Video 582.16 I3524 

Video J582.16 T7864 


Younger Reader

Barkan, Joanne
JP Barkan 

Chandler, Gary
J363.7282 C4557r 

Gibbons, Gail
Recycle!: A Handbook for Kids
J628.4458 G4413r 

Kallen, Stuart A
Recycle It: Once Is Not Enough
J363.7282 k146R 

Stwertka, Eve
Cleaning Up:  How Trash Becomes Treasure
J363.728 S9387c 

Older Readers:

Condon, Judith
Recycling Paper
YP 363.7288 C7465r 

Fletcher, Helen Jill
How on Earth Do We Recycle Paper?
J676.142 F6125h 

Handelsman, Judith F
Gardens From Garbage: How to Grow Indoor Plants From Recycled Kitchen Scraps
J635.048 H2365g 

Pfiffner, George
Earth-friendly Toys: How to Make Fabulous Toys and Games From Reusable Objects
J745.592 P5294c 

The Rotten Truth
Video J363.728 R8515 


Younger Readers

Appelbaum, Diana Karter
Giants in the Land
J634.98 A6465g 

Hester, Nigel S.
The Living House
J574.526 H5884L 

Schwartz, David M.
The Hidden Life of the Forest
J574.52642 S3996h 

Older Readers

Arnosky, Jim
In the Forest: A Portfolio of Paintings
J574.52642 A7635i 

Cochrane, Jennifer
Land Ecology
J574.5 C6634L 

Giono, Jean
The Man Who Planted Trees
JF Giono 

Mania, Cathy
A Forest's Life:  From Meadow to Mature Woodland
J577.3 M2782f 

McLaughlin, Molly
Earthworms, Dirt, and Rotten Leaves:  An Exploration in Ecology
J595.146045 M1615e 

McVey, Vicki
The Sierra Club Kid's Guide to Planet Care and Repair
J363.7 M1765s 

Yolen, Jane
Welcome to the Green House
J574.52642 Y545w