The World Beneath Your Feet Book List

*Available at the Weber County Library.

Amato, Carol
Backyard Pets: Activities for Exploring Wildlife Close to Home
J508 A4882b

Appelhof, Mary
Worms Eat My Garbage
J639.7546 A6464w

Banks, Lynn Reid
Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure
JF Banks

Barner, Bob
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
J595.7 B2598b 

Cronin, Doreen
Diary of a Worm
JP Cronin

Glaser, Linda
Wonderful Worms
J592.64 G5483w

Holmes, Kevin
J592.64 H7516e

Johnson, Jinny
Simon and Schuster Children's Guide to Insects and Spider
J595.7 J6746s

Kalman, Bobbie
What Are Food Chains and Webs?
J577.16 K145w

Lavies, Bianca
Compost Critters
J591.526404 L4114c

McLaughlin, Molly
Earthworms, Dirt, and Rotten Leaves: An Exploration in Ecology
J595.146045 M1615e

Pinczes, Elinor
Inchworm and a Half
JP Pinczes

Povey, Karen D.
J595.62 P8798c 2004

Rinard, Judith E.
The World Beneath Your Feet
J591.9094 R578

Rockwell, Anne
Bugs Are Insects
J595.7 R6842b

Rockwell, Harlow
The Compost Heap
J631.875 R6843c

Ross, Michael Elsohn
J551.305 R8254r 2002

Ross, Michael Elsohn
J595.66 R8254m

Ross, Michael Elsohn
J592.6 R8254w

Wade, Mary Dodson
Tiny Life on the Ground
J579.1757 W1214t 2005