Pond Ecology Correlation to Core Curriculum

Standards listed are not covered exhaustively, but in varying degrees.


  • Observe, describe, draw, and compare familiar animals.
  • Describe how young animals are different from adult animals. 

Second Grade 

  • Describe the life cycle of local plants and animals using diagrams and pictures. 

Third Grade 

  • Classify living and nonliving things in an environment.
  • Pose a question about the interaction between living and nonliving things in the environment that could be investigated by observation. 

Fourth Grade 

  • Describe Utah's wetlands (e.g., river, lake, stream, and marsh areas where water is a major feature of the environment).
  • Identify common plants and animals that inhabit Utah's forests, wetlands, and deserts.
  • Cite examples of physical features that allow particular plants and animals to live in specific environments.