Living Close to the Land Book List

*Available at the Weber County Library. 

Bruchac, Joseph
Many Nations:  An Alphabet of Native America
J970.1 B8874m 

Caduto, Michael J.
Keepers of the Animals:  Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children
J398.208997 C1266 

Carew-Miller, Anna
Native American Cooking
J641.5979 C2722n 2003 

De Paola Tomie
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
J398.208997 D4192Lei 

Ehlert, Lois
Mole’s Hill:  A Woodland Tale
J398.208997 E333m 

Kallen, Stuart
Native Americans of the Southwest
J970.3 K146n 

Kelly, Michael
Native American Talking Signs
J419 K2953n 

Maclay, Elsie
The Forest Has Eyes
J970.00497 M1624f 

Marsh, Carole
Utah Indians!:  A Kid’s Look at Our State’s Chiefs, Tribes, Reservations, Powwows, Lore & More from the Past & the Present
J970.1 M3653u 

Martin, Rafe
The Rough-Face Girl
J398.208997 M3825r 

Savageau, Cheryl
Muskrat Will Be Swimming
JP Savageau 

Stevens, Janet
Coyote Steals the Blanket:  An Ute Tale
J398.208997 S8444c 

Steptoe, John
The Story of Jumping Mouse:  A Native American Legend
J398.208997 S8374s 1984 

Vaughan, Marcia
Night Dancer:  Mythical Piper of the Native American Southwest
J398.208974 V3688n 

Vogel, Carole Garbuny
Weather Legends:  Native American Lore and the Science of Weather
YP/J398.208997 V8783w 

Webster, M.L.
On the Trail Made of Dawn:  Native American Creation Stories
YP/J398.208997 W3825o 

Weave Little Stars Into My Sleep:  Native American Lullabies
J782.421582 W3633 

Wofson, Evelyn
From Abenaki to Zuni:  A Dictionary of Native American Tribes
J970.00497 W8615f 

Yue, David
The Tipi:  A Center of Native American Life
J728 Y943t