Birds: Bird Scrapbook

Pre-Visit Activity, Grades 4+

Adapted from Naturescope, "A Scrapbook for the Birds" 


Students will research how birds play many parts in our lives and design a scrapbook to display the information they gather. 


  • Construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Crayons/markers
  • Glue
  • Magazines
  • Yarn/string
  • Newspapers
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Chalkboard


1.  Write the following categories and topics on small slips of paper.  Write the categories only, on the board for all to see. 

Food and Feathers:

  • chickens/turkeys
  • ducks/geese
  • eggs
  • quill pens
  • feather pillows and beds
  • down vest/jackets


  • national/state symbol
  • common sayings
  • symbolized ideas (dove, hawk)
  • advertising/marketing
  • architecture


  • falcontry
  • birdwatching and feeding
  • pets
  • hunting
  • pigeon racing
  • photography


  • painting
  • sculpture
  • carving (totem poles, decoys)
  • song
  • dance
  • stamps and coins


  • poetry
  • fairy tales
  • myths (phoenix, Roc)
  • cartoon birds
  • nursery rhymes

2.  Divide your class into five groups.  Explain to the class that from the time of early cave paintings, people have been drawing images of birds.  We've raised birds, eaten birds, and written and sung about them.  The students are going to research and gather information to gain an understanding of how birds have affected people's lives. 

3.  Have one member of each group come up and draw one category (like drawing straws) 

4.  Give each group time to discuss their category and to decide what each member of the group would like to research.  Rotate between the groups to ensure that all the tpics get covered adequately.  Some of the topics can easily be combined or you and your students may come up with new topics. 

Students should write a report and should be encouraged to bring music, food, pictures, coins, down jackets, anything related to birds that fits their topic. 

5.  After the students have had time to write their reports and learn about their topics, have a Bird Day to celebrate birds!  Students should read their reports and share whatever else they have collected with the rest of the class.

6.  Make a scrapbook of reports, photos, and pictures, and set up a table or board with all the other objects.  Use cardboard to create a front and back of the scrapbook and use yarn to tie it together.  As the students discover new information, it can be easily added. 


Have each team write a short skit using what they learned about birds.