Animals Prepare for Winter Book List

*Available at the Weber County Library.


Arnold, Caroline
Hawk Highway in the Sky: Watching Raptor Migration
J598.916 A7523h

Bancroft, Henrietta
Animals in Winter
J591.43 B2135an 

Barker, Will
Winter-Sleeping Wildlife

J591.5 B2557w

Bredeson, Carmen
Animals that Migrate

J591.568 B8813a

Cuyler, Margery
Groundhog Stays Up Late
JP Cuyler

Dolan, Graham
The Greenwich Guide to the Seasons
J525.5 D6596g

Facklam, Margery
Do Not Disturb: The Mysteries of Animal Hibernation and Sleep
J591.543 F1425d

Gans, Roma
How Do Birds Find Their Way?
J598.1568 G1994h

Haus, Robyn
Make Your Own Birdhouses & Feeders
J690.8927 H3763m

Hickman, Pamela
Animals Hibernating: How Animals Survive Extreme Conditions
J591.565 H6286a 2005

Lerner, Carol
On the Wing:  American Birds in Migration
J598.1568 L6165o

Old, Wendie C.
The Groundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun
J394.261 O445g 2004

Perry, Phyllis Jean
Animals that Hibernate
J591.565 P4645a

Rowland-Entwistle, Theodore
Animal Journeys
J591.525 R7447an

Shackelford, Nina
When Birds Migrate
J598 S5244w

Simon, Seymour
They Walk the Earth: The Extraordinary Travels of Animals on Land
J591.568 S5963t

Simont, Marc
The Goose That Almost God Cooked
JP Simont

Spaulding, Dean T.
Feeding Our Feathered Friends
J598 S7395f

Stidworthy, John
J591.565 S8545h