Animal Autographs Program Outline

Welcome and Introduction

Behavioral Guidelines for visit:

  • We are in the animals' neighborhood
  • Stay on trails with your group unless taken off trails with class activity
  • Leave flowers and plants for animals (don't pick anything)
  • Pick up trail treasures to enjoy on-site, but no collecting-leave everything

Animal Tracks-Tracks are a great way to learn about animals without interfering in their daily activities.  When you find tracks, look at: 

Prints (individual tracks, size and shape)

Patterns (arrangement of tracks)

  • Walking/trotting (fox, deer)
  • Galloping (rabbit, mouse, squirrel)
  • Bounding (mink, weasel, ferret)
  • Waddling (porcupine) 
Place (What kind of setting are the tracks found in?) 


1.  Animal Autograph games - Students will explore the many signs that animals leave behind at the nature center through an interactive game. 

2.  Snowshoe Hike - Students will hike around the nature center on snowshoes (weather permitting) looking for evidence of wildlife.

3.  Track Keys - Students will make and take their very own track key as they learn about keys and field guides that scientists use to identify wildlife.

Topics are covered by varying degrees depending upon the maturity of students and time constraints.