Cup Hop

The CUP HOP continues! Swoop into a local coffee shop and add a sooty raven mug to your collection while supporting the Ogden Nature Center!

For a $20 donation you will receive a raven mug, filled with a specialty coffee, tea or cocoa at one of the local coffee shops listed below.  Your mug can be filled once at the shop where purchased, to comply with health guidelines. 

In celebration of the Ogden Nature Center’s end-of-year friend drive, and to give back to the coffee shops who always support the Ogden Nature Center, a portion of your donation will go to the Ogden Nature Center, and a portion will go to the coffee shops!

Yes indeed, this mug belongs in your set and matches the bluebird, squirrel and tortoise mugs from years past. Cup Hop cups will only be available on the following dates, and at these locations, while supplies last!  Each shop will have a limited supply beginning on their starting date.

Nov. 14-19 Grounds for Coffee / 3005 Harrison Blvd.

Nov. 21-26 Kaffe Mercantile / 1221 26th Street

Nov. 28 - Dec. 3 Daily Rise / 2865 Washington Blvd.

Dec. 5-10 Grounds for Coffee / 111 Historic 25th Street

Dec. 12-17 Coffee Links / 287 Park Ave.

How does a Common Raven take its coffee? Black, like its feathers, of course! People might need a cup of joe to feel smart in the morning, but Common Ravens are just that way all the time. One of the cleverest of the bird world, ravens and their cousins the crows and jays can solve puzzles, remember which humans treat them poorly, and plan for the future. They even share information about where to find food with others in their flock. If you think those crows in the neighborhood are talking about you, they probably are!

For more information contact the Ogden Nature Center at 801-621-7595.