Share in the Care

Donations to Share in the Care support our resident animals who help teach our community about native wildlife. 

The birds of prey, tortoises, snakes, toads and spiders that live at the Ogden Nature Center represent animal species native to the Great Basin region. All of the resident animals at the Nature Center have been permanently injured or imprinted, and cannot take care of themselves in the wild. These animals are on display at the Nature Center and are featured in education programs that teach about native species. The Ogden Nature Center holds state and national permits allowing us to keep these animals in our care.  

Your support would help with: 

  • Nutrition: Food is the most crucial need for our resident animals.  We are fortunate to receive many donations, however, we cannot entirely meet the needs through donations alone. We supply our resident animals with high quality feed.
  • Veterinary Care: Our resident animals receive regular check-ups and veterinary care.

To support the Ogden Nature Center's Share in the Care Program, please contact our Development Coordinator.