Native vs. Invasive - 9:00am -9:45am

Filling a requirement for the Naturalist badge we help your scouts identify 10 native plants/animals and non-native species. We will help your scout cover the following badge requirements in this class.

Webelos Naturalist Activity Badge

  • Watch six wild animals (snakes, turtles, fish, birds, or mammals) in the wild. Describe the kind of place (forest, field, marsh, yard or park) where you saw them. Tell what they were doing.
  • Identify a plant, bird or wild animal that is found only in your area of the country. Tell why it survives only in your area.

Boy Scout Environmental Science Badge

  • Define the following terms: *population,* community, *ecosystem, biosphere, symbiosis, *niche, *habitat, conservation, threatened species, endangered species, extinction, pollution prevention, Brownfield, ozone, watershed, air shed, nonpoint source, hybrid vehicle, fuel cell.  (* Vocabulary covered in ONC lesson)
  • Discuss what is an ecosystem. Tell how it is maintained in nature and how it survives

Boy Scout Nature Badge

  • Name three ways in which plants are important to animals.
  • Name three ways in which animals are important to plants.
  • In the field, identify eight species of birds
  • In the field, identify three species of wild animals
  • In the field, identify 15 species of wild plants (we will cover 6-8 species)

Boy Scout Bird Study Badge

  • Demonstrate that you know how to properly use and care for binoculars. Show how to adjust the eyepiece and how to focus for proper viewing
  • Demonstrate that you know how to use a bird field guide. Show your counselor that you are able to understand a range map by locating in the book and pointing out the wintering range, the breeding range, and/or the year-round range of one species of each of the following types of birds: seabird, falcon or hawk, nonative bird (introduced to North America from a foreign country since 1800).
  • Keep a list or fill out a checklist of all the birds your group observed during the field trip.