Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout Projects

We are thrilled to have young men complete their Eagle Scout projects at the Ogden Nature Center.  We always have a list of special projects to choose from.  If you are interested in completing a service project at ONC, please review our Eagle Scout guidelines.

Eagle Courts of Honor

The Ogden Nature Center offers 15-20 minute Bald Eagle presentations with a focus on how the eagle became our national symbol, how Des Ta Te came to the Nature Center and obtained her Apache name and her story of recovery.  The presentor will also correlate eagle habits and survival techniques to the task of earning the high ranking Eagle Scout honor.

Additional 10 minutes of scout and parent photos are included in the base price.

Base price:

1-4 Scouts $160

5-7 Scouts $200

8+ Scouts $250

Additional $50 for any program booked on a weekend.  Additional $30 for every half hour past 8:00 pm (we suggest placing the eagle presentation after the flag ceremony and opening prayer).  Mileage charge of .50/mile outside a 10 mile radius from the Nature Center. All programs over 60 miles will be charged an additional $100.00.  To schedule an eagle presentation, please contact our Wildlife Specialist or outreach Educator at 801-621-7595. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation.