Conservation -10:00am - 10:45am

Find out what  conservation officers do, why they are necessary, the role they played in history and how one becomes a conservation officer. We will help your scout cover the following badge requirements in this class.

Boy Scout Environmental Science Badge

  • Define the following terms: population, community, ecosystem, biosphere, symbiosis, niche, habitat, *conservation, *threatened species, *endangered species, *extinction, pollution prevention, Brownfield, ozone, watershed, airshed, nonpoint source, hybrid vehicle, fuel cell.  (* Vocabulary covered in ONC lesson)
  • Do research on one species that was endangered or threatened but which has now recovered. Find out how the organism recovered, and what its new status is.

Boy Scout Fish and Wildlife Management Badge

  • Describe the meaning and purpose of fish and wildlife conservation and management.
  • List and discuss at least three major problems that continue to threaten your state’s fish and wildlife resources.
  • List the wildlife species in your state that are classified as endangered, threatened, exotic, game species, furbearers, or migratory game birds.

Boy Scout Nature Badge

  • Name an animal that is protected in your state or region, and explain why it is at risk.